Yosemite 2017

h e l l o   a l l ! ! !


I had the biggest blessing in exploring Yosemite National Park with my family a few months back! It was such an amazing trip, to be outdoors with nature and to be there with my younger brother and parents. It definitely was a trip to remember.

The video above is a ‘swipe left’ travel diary of our entire trip. Due to the heat *and our unexperienced hiking bodies* we didn’t do much exploring. but we made up for it in our long walks & endless conversations.

Actually getting to Yosemite wasn’t an easy task. For some reason we didn’t realize we went on July 4th weekend, and for that it took 2 hours for us to just enter the park. 2 hours. & then we had the lovely task of finding parking which took another 45 minutes.

Day 1: We explored Lower Yosemite Falls. We gained courage and ‘hiked’ a little closer to the falls. It was spectacular. The mist of the waterfall was all around us and we decided it was the right time to whip out our watermelons for a snack break.We then went to Yosemite Village and explored all the nook and crannies of every trail in between.

Day 2: Parking took about 1.5 hours. It was to the point where I had to save a spot with my body until my family could find me (there is absolutely no cell service). We explored Mirror Lake, and oh my goodness… it was the most beautiful sight of all.

We decided to head out into the waters of Mirror Lake and had a lovely afternoon of frolicking in the lake and endless family selfies.

Our trip was definitely filled with soul searching, family exploring, future conversations, and love. I have created a small nature photo book, hosting all of the polaroids I took, a few postcards, and more! I’ll have the DIY and photo book reveal coming next week!

Go explore, surround yourself with nature, get away from things that tie us down. Enjoy yourself in your own world!



  1. These are beautiful photos ! I’m glad you and your family shared this time together. Nature exploration is he best and even more so with people you love.

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