Explore: DermaGarden

Hello all you spa lovers!
I’m here to help you explore the little businesses that surround you! DermaGarden fits one of those hidden gems in Claremont, CA! You are instantly greeted with a soothing vibe and the kindest business owner!  Jessalyn is a magician at solving all of your skin problems! Follow her on Instagram (@dermagarden) so you’re in the loop for all workshops! She just did a Sip n Mask workshop where each person gets to create their own face mask while sippin’ on some drinks! How cute!

It’s such a bright, open space! Located in downtown Claremont, DermaGarden is a perfect local oasis for a quick spa getaway. Right when I stepped in, I immediately felt a sense of clam and surprisingly refreshed!

Those little details, the handwritten labels, you can tell that each product is placed with care & made with love. I’m a sucker for handmade details, and this place is full of it! I even bought a powdered green tea mask just because it was in a tiny little bottle!

I was able to enjoy a much deserved foot soak, and it was heaven! You sit in an oversize massage chair with a gal pal by your side and enjoy conversations or the option of watching Netflix! The foot soaks usually come with a glass of wine as well!

I’m definitely coming back for another round of foot soaks and I have got to try one of her facials! Definitely check out her Instagram for special packages and deals! Also, this is our new location for my Succulents & Soul Workshop! I’ll keep you guys posted!


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