A Lovely Encouragement

Doesn’t everyone love to receive a package or even a hand written letter? Well I know I do! I enjoy holding a piece of paper or package that someone has carefully put together for me!

That is when I decided to make my World, my own pen pal.


Creating these little packages of love for complete strangers has been a challenge and a blessing. It is hard to hand write a letter for someone you do not know, so I try making my letter reflect a struggle that I have experience before. For example: loving people in your community, worrying about the little things, or enjoying the little moments in life.



With every package made, I throw in something new. It could be a small bracelet, little erasers, packets of confetti, and even some money for a cup of coffee/tea. But within every package there will always be a handwritten note, encouraging handmade quotes, and a few balloons. I would love to start including more and more things within the packages and hopefully it will grow in the near future!


Depending on the environment of where I place the encouragements, I try to tie in the theme within the package. For example: If I place the encouragements in Disneyland, I include coins to make a penny press and a couple of pennies to throw in the fountain to make a wish! That way the packages seem more personable.


I encourage any one who is inspired by spreading love and joy to try encouraging the individuals around you! I always include a hashtag #alovelyencouragement for people who find the packages to post a picture so I know it was received! I’ll publish a post soon on those who did post a picture of their findings and tagged me!


Only the curious will notice a small package waiting for someone, & only the courageous will pick it up!


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  1. In times of difficulty and hardship, a little bit of love, support and encouragement is always appreciated. But a few words from the heart would at least mellow their sorrows and begin the process of healing.

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